November 12, 2011

Go Team Prytz!

Bob was in the hospital, again, this week.  Our GP isn't shy about sending her patients to a specialist.  That's one of the things we like about her.  On Wednesday, Bob was so weak and dehydrated from nausea, the doc sent him to a GI specialist in San Diego, about an hour away, if you drive fast, which I do.

the view from Bob's 11th floor room.

The specialist, Dr. P., after talking to Bob and examining him, hospitalized him.  The poor guy was really sick.

When he went in the local hospital on October 6, he weighed 240 pounds.  He was much too heavy, but unwilling to do anything about it.  His solution was to purchase larger clothing!  Good for the economy, not so good for his body.  When he left the San Diego hospital, yesterday, he weighed 198 pounds!  It's a horrid way to loose weight.  Now that he's home he has to change his eating habits, in order to be healthy, and he's agreed to be vegetarian.  I've already ordered some cook books from

He didn't agree willingly, but his daughters and I have ganged up on him.  To go back to his old habits would be suicide, literally, and we want him around for many more years.  Carrie even created a new board on Pinterest - food for my Dad!  The locals, Sharon and I, will be cheering him on, during this new adventure.

Go Team Prytz!

Be well and do good,


  1. That old saying "You are what you eat" comes true when you get older! Eating healthy = a longer life! Good luck Bob...U Can do it!!!

  2. I'm cheering for you also, Mr. Bob! Take care to make good choices for those who love you!

  3. Oh goodness, poor Mr Bob!
    Good luck with the new diet!


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