November 7, 2011

Are you a NoReplyBlogger? Please fix it!

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I'm very frustrated, if I receive a wonderful comment and want to say Thank You, I can't   Or, a blog friend has asked a question, and I have no way to reply, via email.  No Reply Bloggers are of my pet-peeves and below is how you can fix is if you want.

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I took the following straight from here.  Thank you Amy.

Most bloggers love to reply to their comments, so if you've received a reply to a comment you've left on a blog, you're probably a NRB!  This means your Blogger settings are set to hide your email address.  Seems like a safe idea at first, but in reality it means you can't interact with any of the lovely blogs you follow, and worst of all, you can't win anything!!!  Tragic!

When you leave a comment on a blog, the blogger receives an email with your comment, and will usually hit "reply" to send you a sweet note back (hopefully one saying you won something rad!), BUT, if you're a NRB, the reply email address displays as "" - ah!  SO frustrating for bloggers!


1.  Log into your Blogger account, and click on the drop down tab next to your email address on the top right corner.
2.  Click "Blogger Profile"
3.  The second line down should say "Show My Email Address"- if this box is not checked, you're a NRB!
4.   Check it!  If the email address shown (the one you used to open your Blogger account) is no longer working, you can type in an updated email address.  OR, if you feel creepy about all of Bloggingdom seeing your real, personal email address, go create a new address just for blog land and enter it here, making sure the "show email address" box is checked.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will see if I can help.  OH NO, WAIT!  If you're a no-reply blogger, I won't be able to reply!  Alas, the cyclone of frustration begins!  Luckily there are LOTS of other blog posts floating around with great instructions on fixing NRB symdrome as well, so Google if you can't figure it out!


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  1. Hahahahaaa....Right On Sister!!!!

  2. I AM a no reply blogger, but not because I want to be, or even choose to be. As it turns out, Blogger doesn't allow Wordpress users to BE "reply bloggers" unless we sign in with a google account. But when I leave a comment on your blog, I want you to be able to click over to my own blog.

    Here's an article for another perspective:

    Please don't hate on "No Reply" bloggers!

    And if you want to respond, you can get me here: em_komiskey {at} yahoo dot com. Cheer!


Thank you for commenting! I enjoy replying to all comments that have an email address attached. If you are not on Blogger please include an email address within your comment--then I can say hi back!