August 18, 2012

Pinners you should know

I was going to be productive today but then I got on Pinterest!

I thought I'd mention some great pinners, that you may not know.

You probably know my daughter Carrie, if not, check her out.

There's another Carrie that I love her pins -

This gal hired me at Barnes and Noble, I still work there, she doesn't.  Now, she's a paralegal. -

Jan is a fellow blogger, and a terrific friend. -

Dru is one of my sixteen thousand cousins, I love her pins -

Another cousin, Sandra -

and Sandra's daughter Chris -

ha! so funny....

If you don't pin, you should, bloggers Pin!  It's my understanding that you no longer need an invite to start pinning.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with

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