October 10, 2016

Road Scholar Tours

I went on my first Road Scholar Tour.  On the basis of one tour I highly recommend them.  The tour was fantastic.

During my 50+ year marriage to Bob, we only went to Europe once, on a cruise, for our 50th anniversary.  For some reason, my husband just didn't want to visit Europe, prior to the cruise.  The cruise gave him a taste of what we'd been missing, and he changed his mind.  Now that I'm alone, I decided that using a highly recommended tour company was the way to go.

This company has been around since 1975 and visits all 50 states and 150 countries.  I knew that I wanted to visit Europe, and when the terrorist bombed Paris, I decided I had to go to France!

The tour I picked is Three Faces of France: Paris, Lyon and Provence.  It was 13 days, 12 nights and 27 meals.  We stayed at 3 hotels, we traveled on the TGV, the high-speed train, and by motor coach.  We also used the metro, bus and subway system in Paris and Lyon.  Four times we were able to have dinner on our own, so we did some extra exploring.  The arranged meals were fantastic.  Breakfast was at the hotel, lunch and dinner menus were arranged by a pair of sisters.  These sisters arrange all the meals for all the tours in France.

I've already booked a tour for next year.  I've decided to visit Spain in 2017 with Road Scholar.  I'm also visiting Iceland next year with my sister, we're using a different tour company.  I'll let you know what I think of that company, after the tour.

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September 6, 2016


On Thursday, "I'm leaving on a Jet Plane"!  (I love those lyrics.)  I'm going on a trip called the Ultimate Game Day Weekend.  I did this trip last year with my cousin Carol.  She had a health scare this year and couldn't go.  The company I travel with, Jay Buckley Baseball Tours, is a great company.  They are well organized and family orientated; it makes it easy for me to travel alone.

This is what's included on the trip:

On Friday, we will journey down to Washington, DC to watch the World Series contenders Washington Nationals, led by reigning MVP Bryce Harper, take on the Philadelphia Phillies.

On Saturday, we travel to Annapolis, MD to witness one of the greatest traditions in college sports…our Naval Academy playing the University of Connecticut in football. We will enjoy a pregame tailgate and have a great location to watch the pregame traditions.

On Sunday, we will enjoy an afternoon game at the famous Yankee Stadium between the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees. Afterwards, we will enjoy the sights and sounds of Times Square.

On the last day of our trip, we will spend time at Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park area and enjoy the many dining options of Reading Terminal Market. That night we will attend the first Monday Night Football Game of the 2016 NFL season featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field in Landover, MD.

Included features: Included in this tour is deluxe motorcoach transportation, hotel room for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights, tickets to all four games, breakfast every morning, tailgate food and beverages at the Navy game.

I'm flying into Baltimore from San Diego.  It's the first time I've flown out of SD,  I'll be sure to post lots of photos on  Instagram and Facebook, and do a post on the blog when I get home.  This time, instead of boarding the dogs, a family friend is staying at my house, with them.  He'll feed and walk them, and spend the night.
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July 1, 2016

Baseball Tour, continued

Next stop, Detroit.

Comerica Park is a wonderful ballpark, and it has Tigers!

I sure wouldn't try to take the ball away from this Tiger!

As I said, rain was predicted almost every day, and we kept lucking out!

Street art in Detroit.

I have a friend, Jan, who lives in Cincinnati.  I was pretty sure I wouldn't have any spare time while I was there, so I didn't let her know I'd be in town.  I was right, as soon as we got into town, it was game-time.  (I also would never ask anyone to spend money just to come and see me.)  But Jan found out and she and her husband Mark and friend Yvonne, got seats really near mine and we had a wonderful visit.  Jan and I have been blog and FB friends for about 9 years and this is the first time we've met IRL!.

This is the three of us, Yvonne, Jan, and Jan!

Cincinnati is called the Queen City.

Before the game, we visited The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.  It was mostly about Pete Rose because he was just inducted into the hall that week.

There were many interesting exhibits, including these giant bobbleheads.

 This is one wall of the Hall of Fame.

There was a downpour before the game, but the Reds ground staff was prepared.

Next, we went to Milwaukee,  I had a rough start to the day because it would have been Bob's 74th birthday.  But life goes on, and I know he would have been proud of me for carrying on.

Miller Park is a beautiful stadium.  We were treated to a pre-game Tailgate Party.  It was a lot of fun.

At the very top of the stadium, in nose-bleed territory, is a statue of Bob Uecker.  When one of the guys said he was going to climb to the top and get a photo of the statue, I decided to go with him.  I swear it seemed like One Million steps!  But, I made it!

This is a horrible photo, but I made it!

The view from the top of the park!

The next day, we were back in Chicago for a White Sox game.

It was a daytime game, so the Home Run Fireworks were hard to capture.

During the ballgame, this guy dozed off.  The game wasn't boring, he was just tired.

After the ballgame, we had a farewell dinner at Harry Caray's Downtown.

Chicago is a great town.

This is a photo of most of our group, some were camera shy.  I sure had a great time, and I'm looking forward to my next Jay Buckley Baseball Tour in September.
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