December 23, 2016

This is why I can't have nice things!

Not really, but trying to get a photo with Ben and Frisco is hopeless!

I took another one, all these were using the timer and a tripod, but it was even worse.  Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas.

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December 17, 2016

It takes a village!

Bob and I needed to have separate PCs.  I did my normal stuff and he loved to play games; our computer use times could be a large conflict if we only had one.  My computer desk is in the office and we put his in the kitchen.  For about 18 months after he passed away I used both computers, but when I got back from France I decided to just use "mine", in the office.  This month I got tired of looking at the large oak computer desk, PC and printer that were no longer necessary, and I ordered a small, white, mission-style desk that will essentially be a large telephone stand.  Yes, I'm old; I still have a house phone and extensions in every room, plus the garage.

I reserved yesterday for putting the desk together.  After un-boxing the parts and verifying that all the components were accounted for, I got to work.  I'm patient, I've been a seamstress for over 50 years, I make quilts, but I wasn't strong enough to put everything together.  I called for help.

One of my neighbors had told me, right after Bob passed away, to call him if I ever needed help with anything.  So, I called him, almost two years after he made the offer.  He came over and after about an hour with both of us working/engineering we got the desk finished.

I had been to the TVMQG Christmas Party the evening before, and when I got home I put the leftover "crack on a plate" into two Christmas tins.  I gave him one of those as a thank you.

Today, I added the charging station for my devices to the desk,  I'm going to get more use of this than I thought.

Now, I about the village; we moved to Murrieta, to a 55+ gated community over 18 years ago.  It was a great decision for us.  There are a lot of activities and residents can participate in as many or as few as they want.  This is where I volunteer to teach Tai Chi and Qigong.  I took over the class when the founder of the class could no longer teach.  Next month will mark 15 years of teaching Tai Chi twice a week, for free.

I volunteer to do two other things, as needed.  We have a Neighborhood Communications Committee that passes out fliers to all 1500+ homes in our community, when the "powers that be" think something is too important to wait for the newsletter.  The other thing I volunteer for is working on the reception committee.  This involves setting up, serving and clean-up for memorial receptions that are held at our clubhouse.  
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December 4, 2016

Christmas Chorus

I've had a busy, busy weekend.  One of my B&N friends recently commented that I'm always busy, and she is correct.  Yesterday I attended the Opening Reception for a quilt exhibit called Modern Quilts: Redesigning Traditions.  You can check out the blog post about it here, on the TVMQG blog.

 Then I dashed home, fed the dogs and myself and dashed again to the clubhouse to sell tickets to the Colony Chorus Christmas program.  This is the second year I've volunteered to do this and it's so much fun.  People lose their tickets and want me to solve their problem, of course, I can.  That's just one example of the fun.  Last night, I also ran out of tickets to sell, so I dashed to the head of the line and took back "used" tickets to resell them.  I had to do that three times!  I'm creative in many ways. (There were plenty of seats available.)

This afternoon I attended the Sunday version of the program.  Three of my Tai Chi students are in the Chorus, so I try to never miss it.  It was a wonderful program called Christmas Around the World.  It even included a sing-along.

 We're all seniors, and this guy "Hula Jim" was very brave!

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