Scully sings at Wrigley 04/19/98 and our vacation


Today, Bob and I are heading out of town, but not to a baseball game.  Next month is our 50th anniversary, and we decided to celebrate with a cruise.  We've been on several cruises, eight, I think, and this will be numbers 9 and 10 combined.  Tomorrow, we sail from LA, with stops in Mexico, Costa Rica, through the Panama Canal, Columbia and Florida.  We'll stay on the same ship and go across the Atlantic to Portugal, Great Britain, Sweden and Denmark.  When we leave Copenhagen, our plane will stop in Iceland, then we'll hit the States, in NYC and stay there for a bit.  Bob will fly home before me; I'm staying one more week for Book Expo America.

When I get home, I'll be sharing lot's of photos.  Count on it.
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Fun Monday

A bird, specifically Favorite Birds is what Sayre posted about, today.  We'll I'm not a birder, but I'm an animal lover and I do feed and watch the birds in my backyard, usually thru the patio door; so I don't disturb them.

I miss doing Fun Monday, I thought I'd join her today, and show some of the birds that show up in my backyard.

Some Lesser Goldfinch.

House Finch

Coopers Hawk, on a blustery day

A wren.

Since we don't have a dog at the moment, these mallards have been frequent visitors.

Yes, I know this is not a bird, but bunnies visit us frequently.
I think this is also because we're dogless.

No, we didn't get flamingos in the backyard, these are at the Zoo.

We will be rescuing a dog or two, in June, when we return from our trip.  We didn't think it'd be fair to recuse, then leave.
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This is how I felt last week.  I've been finalizing the details for our upcoming 50th anniversary trip.  This is the first time we've ever been gone from home for so long, 5 weeks for Bob and 6 weeks for me.  There are lots of logistics and planning involved.

Bob has been a tad worried about getting home.  We've made all these plans, getting off the ship in Copenhagen and staying in NYC for awhile, before coming home; I just hadn't made airline reservations, thus his worry.

This week I made those reservations!  I used some MC travel credits to pay for the flights from Copenhagen to NYC, and some airline mileage to pay for my trip home to SoCal.  The only out of pocket expense was Bob's flight from NYC, home.  Major Score!

The only thing left to arrange is Super Shuttle, four different reservations on Super Shuttle.  To the cruise terminal, JFK to our hotel, and two from the hotel to JFK.
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Totally Random Thursday

Yesterday, I went to the San Diego Zoo, while Bob was busy with medical stuff.  When you walk thru the parking lot you can spy licence plates from all over the US, plus some from Mexico and Canada.  When you walk around the zoo, you, of course, really can't guess where people are from.  (unless you're psychic, which I'm not.)

Yesterday was the first time I would hazard a guess.  I bet these four are from PA or OH, I could be wrong but I'm guessing anyway.

After I snapped these shots, I heard a young boy ask his mom, where these people were from.  She told him, "they're part of a religion that doesn't believe in using electricity".  At least she tried!
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Mallards in the backyard.

This is about as exciting as it's been around here, lately.  Mallards in the backyard!  Super exciting.

I don't think we're boring, just normal.  Old people, normal.  Bob had a minor surgery on Wednesday for Chronic Venous Deficiency.  His leg is wrapped in an ace bandage from ankle to groin.  This afternoon he'll be able to shower for the first time.  Yay!  The other leg will "done" in two weeks.  We're hoping he'll be in less pain and able to enjoy our 50th anniversary trip, a little more.

Any news at your house?
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Our weekend

Bob and I may be "old", but we are always busy.  This year we'll celebrate out 50th anniversary, we'll set a record; none of our parents reached that mark.  We live in a 55+ Senior community and there's actually a club for couples who've reached this benchmark.  The club is called the XYZ Club, for reasons, that I don't know.  Also, widows and widowers who reached 50 years, are welcome, too.  The club is organized by a very energetic couple and they do a great job.  Saturday, we attended the first event of the year.  It was a sit down, white tablecloth event, with passed hors d'oeuvres, salad, entrée and dessert.  There was red and white wine on each table.  After the meal, the seven "new" couples were introduced, plus there was live entertainment.  One couple who'd been married 73 years was there. 

On Sunday we went to our first Jiu-Jitsu tournament, the 2014 Pan Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship.  It was the first time Oden has competed in a tournament!  He invited us months ago, so this was important.  We didn't know what to expect but I can tell you, it was wonderful.  As you can see, from the first photo, there was a lot going on.  The bouts are 4 minutes long and there was always 2, 3 or 4 bouts to watch.  The photo shows half of the floor. 

Now, here's some shots of Oden.  Warning WAY too many photos, but hey!

Walking to be weighed and measured.

Getting some advise from his dad.


Getting measured.

Getting instructions.


Oden didn't win his first tournament, but he did get a Silver medal.

These are his three brothers, and a friend.

His sister.

Waiting to get his medal.

Yay!  We are so proud of him.

Shots with his dad.  Oden is 14 and is going to be taller, we think.

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Movie Binge

Bob and I have been attempting to go to the movies for about a month, and this Friday and Saturday we made up for lost time.

Lone Survivor (2013) Poster

On Friday, we saw Lone Survivor and American Hustle; both based on actual events.  As a bookseller, I've sold tons of Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell.  Most to the customers who requested it were military, of the Special Forces bent.  Our closest military base is Camp Pendleton and it was recommended reading for the Marines.  This was not a fun movie, it's a war movie, it was factual and intense, dealing with a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan.  Four Navy Seals go in, and only one comes home.  The graphic images of the battle for survival and the toughness of the men are outstanding.  Of the four movies we saw this is Bob's favorite.

American Hustle (2013) Poster

If you're old, like me, you may remember the Abscam scandal that rocked Washington.  American Hustle, is about this scandal and how the FBI managed a sting that netted several corrupt US Representatives and one US Senator.  The movie, was well done, it captured 1978 and '79, very well.  Oh the hair, oh the clothes, oh the shady characters!   It showed how the actual sting came about and how it was executed.  The cast was great, and so retro; plus the music was great.  I liked this movie.

Nebraska (2013) Poster

On Saturday, we saw Nebraska and August: Osage County.  Wow, is all I can say.  Nebraska is both a comedy and a drama.  The main character, Woody, is elderly and has some form of dementia most likely caused by alcohol.  He lives in Montana and believes he's won a million-dollar Mega Sweepstakes Marketing prize.  He just needs to get to Nebraska, to claim his prize. And so begins a father and son road trip, from Billings, Montana to Lincoln, Nebraska.  They get waylaid at the small town in central Nebraska, where Woody grew up and has scores to settle. Told with deadpan humor and shot in black and white film, it's ultimately the story of a son trying to understand his father.  This was my favorite of the four we saw.  I thought the cast was outstanding.

August: Osage County (2013) Poster

August:  Osage County also has an outstanding cast.  This is an intense family drama based on the play by the same name.  When we left the theater, Bob and I were blown away at the absolutely horrible matriarchs, Violet and Mattie Fae, portrayed in this film.  We thanked our stars that we'd be raised by our own bad mothers.  Really.  I've been to Oklahoma, but after seeing the disfunction in this film, I might not go again, not really.  I do recommend this film.  I loved the story and the cast.

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