July 21, 2015


My life is humming right along.  I had a nice 71st birthday, probably the most low-key birthday in 50 years.  I got an orchid plant as a gift, my first, from Carrie.  Sharon called while I was walking the dogs, and sang Happy Birthday on voice mail, ala MM breathy, I think she was singing at her desk at work.

On my birthday, I also reconnected with an old friend, she asked if I was still playing cards.  I told her that the old group of card players had fallen apart when Bob started chemo, but I wanted to start the group again, she asked to be included.  Yesterday, I talked to another couple who had been part of our group years ago, and they'd also like to play.  I hope I can start the group again, next month.

I had a surprise in the mail.  This certificate came from the Department of Defense.  The letter said that President Obama wanted to recognize Bob for his military service.  When he retired he also received certificates from President Clinton, the governor, the mayor for his service as a policeman.

Now, I'll get to the "wonderful" referred to in the post title.  As I was reading my daughter's blog today, I followed a link to "The 7 Rules of Compliment Club",  a July 2 post on Joy The Baker.  You should go over and read the post.

Essentially, the post describes a great way to live.

The 7 Rules of Compliment Club
  1. Look for the positive in other people.
  2. Be genuine.
  3. Be Specific.
  4. Be heartfelt is how things make you FEEL.
  5. Chill on the back-handed compliments.
  6. Just go for it!
  7. Don’t expect anything in return.
I think this is perfect, and we all should be members of the Compliment Club.  What do you think?

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July 5, 2015


I'm pathetic.  Wednesday will be my 71st birthday and it will be the first time I've ever been alone on my birthday.  I've been trying to come up with a game plan, something to do on Wednesday that's not my normal day.  Normal days I eat, walk the dogs a couple of times, work on quilting projects, read and maybe watch some TV.

First I tried setting up a massage, I have a Groupon that I could use.  Her first available appt. was on Thursday, so I booked that.

Then I thought, maybe a facial - that would be a great treat.  She was booked until the 30th!

The third try and this is where I'm getting pathetic, I need to see the attorney who is taking care of my sister's and my interest settling our Dad's estate.  At least it would get me out of the house!  But, he can't see me on Wednesday, but Monday will work.

Last week, The Colony news arrived in the mail.  I live in a 55+ senior community, The Colony, and this is our monthly newsletter put together by a great team of volunteers.  On July 8th, my 71st birthday, there is going to be a movie shown in the Auditorium.  Woo hoo!  It happens to be a movie I want so see and missed when it came out in '09, The Soloist.  I really don't care, I will go no matter what was showing; just to have something "special" to do!  The other two movies being shown this month are Atonement and 5 Flights Up.  I'm going to go to those, too.  It's good to get out of the house, and the movies are free, as is the popcorn.

I am considering bringing cookies or cupcakes to the Auditorium, but that might be pathetic, too!

The Statue of Liberty has nothing to do with this post, but I took this photo on 5/30, while in NYC, and I thought I'd share it.
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July 1, 2015

NYC Tours and Travel

The view from my hotel room.

In May, I went to NYC.  The principle reason was to attend Book Expo America.  The BEA is a 3-day event where publishers get to tell booksellers and librarians about upcoming releases.  It's a winning situation for me, I come home each year with over 100 complimentary new books, most are ARCs, Advance Readers Copies.  I get to read books before they are published.  Several members of my Tai Chi class are avid readers, and they've gotten used to reading ARCs, too.  The disadvantage of ARCs is they are not the final printing and may have errors.

Each time I attend BEA, except when it's in LA, I make a week of my visit, giving myself time to be a tourist.  I've been to NYC quite often, so I try to always do new things.  This time I had time for 4 new to me activities.  On Memorial Day. I took the subway to Brooklyn and walked back home to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge.

The rest of my adventures were professional tours.  The first was a walking tour, called Five Squares and a Circle.  It was a great tour.  It started in Greenwich Village, in Washington Square Park and ended in Central Park.  The tour involved a lot of walking and a couple of subway rides.  The tour guide was a historian and I learned a lot.

I've always wanted to see Manhattan from the water.  There are a lot of options, so I did my research and booked the AIANY Around Manhattan Architecture Tour.  We sailed around Manhattan on a small yacht.  Our leader was a member of the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects; the emphasis of the tour was the style and construction of the buildings and bridges of Manhattan.  It was so very interesting.  I highly recommend this tour.

Daryl, our leader on the Food Tour.

My final indulgence was Chelsea Market, The Highline & The Meatpacking District Food and Culture Walking Tour, offered by Foods of NY.  There were many tours to choose from.  I picked this one, leaving a 4 PM, after doing my research because it also included a visit to the nearby Gansevoort Market.  It was a great tour.  Foods of NY actually selects and pays for the food tastings.  During the tour I was on there were 3 "new" tastings and such a great variety.

View from the High Line.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about my NYC trip.  I did raise a few eyebrows since I took this trip four months after Bob had passed away.  My philosophy is "There're no guarantees".  We don't know how long we'll be around or what our health will be like, so just do what you want, when you want, as long as you can.

I already have more trips planned.  In September, my cousin Carol and I are going on The Ultimate Game Day Weekend.  We'll be traveling to Texas and we'll see two MLB games, a college football game, and an NFL game.  Carol and I are both baseball and football fans, but neither of us has seen an NFL game.  This trip is through Jay Buckley's Baseball Tours.  Bob and I and Sharon and Oden went on a tour with them three years ago.  They are a great company.

The family in Detroit.  Oden is now taller than me.

Carol and I are very excited, we booked our flights yesterday, and I booked the dogs at Rover.com and my airport transportation with a local service.  We also have purchased t-shirts of the home teams for all the games.  The family did that for the baseball tour and it's a great idea.

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