February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!

I have two great daughters, they're very different and very good friends.  These are the things I gave them for V-Day.  As you might guess, one had a rabbit as a teenager, and one is enamored with foxes; so an appropriate mug and handmade mug-rug. Also, some socks, a zippered pouch, and a heart-shaped rock.

Another post that's not about travel, I may be stuck in a rut!  Not really.
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January 27, 2018

Finally a non-travel post!

This blog has become a travel blog instead of a family blog.  I've been a widow for three years and I've been traveling a lot, recently, so that's become the focus of my posts.  Today I was going through some photos and I thought I'd share one of my favorites,  This photo was taken 54 years ago, a few months before I was married, at Boy Scout Winter Camp in the nearby San Bernardino Mountains. It features my two favorite men, my dad Rex, and my husband Bob. My Dad passed away 16 years ago, in January, and Bob passed away 3 years ago today. I'm lucky to have had a great Dad and husband, not perfect, but great.
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December 15, 2017

The Army/Navy Game Experience

I think I signed up for this, thinking that Bob would have loved going on it.  He loved football and served in the U.S. Navy. 

This is the only trip I've taken without my camera.  The cellphone cameras are so good now, that I wanted to see if I'd be happy with just the phone.

Day 1 was travel and day 2 was a visit to West Point.

The next day we visited NYC and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, then travel to Philadelphia.

This was all very sad for me.  I go to NYC annually and walked or rode by the hole in the ground many times.  I've avoided going to the Memorial until now.  I'm glad I went.  One thing that made this Memorial/Museum so good was the art.  Here's a couple of examples.

Day 4 was Game Day, and we had a SNOW STORM!  First, we visited Independence National Historical Park before heading to the game at Lincoln Financial Field.  (It ranks very low on my list of good football stadiums.)

But first, we had breakfast with Ben Franklin.  He talked about his many adventures and some of his inventions, including the $7 bill!  Who knew?

The Army March On, above and the Navy March On, below, took place more than two hours before the game.  As you can see it was snowing in earnest and the snow continued throughout the day.

I had on three layers, top, and bottom, plus my down coat and I was still cold.  I spent most of the pre-game and game walking, trying to stay as warm as possible; outside in a snowstorm.  We were at the stadium over 6 hours.  Army won!

Day 5 we visited the Museum of the American Revolution in Philly and had lunch in the famous City Tavern.  Then it was on to Washington DC.

Yes, we still had plenty of snow in the morning.  Below are some photos from the museum.  This is a new museum and I was very impressed.

The 6th day was spent exploring Washington DC.

The Korean War Memorial is my favorite in Washington DC.  It's so dynamic and moving.

The Washington Monument.

The Lincoln Memorial

The Wall, the Viet Nam War Memorial

And Last the World War Two Memorial.  This is one that I didn't know existed and it was wonderful and moving.

Kilroy was here!

After lunch, we moved on to the Arlington National Cemetary.

Since we started with West Point, on Day 7 we end with the Naval Academy.

This was a great trip and I learned a lot.  Learning is always one of my goals when I travel.
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