March 20, 2020

Travel Plans

I always plan ahead.  This morning I received an email from my NYC hotel, the Martinique New York on Broadway, it's a Hilton brand. 

The email let me know that due to the pandemic, they have suspended operations and have canceled my end of May reservation.  I was planning on going to Book Expo America, then onto London for a quilting tour of England and Wales.

I looked at the BEA website, and sure enough, they changed the date of the convention to July, when I can't go.  Anyway, who wants to go the NYC in July, if they can help it!  BUT BEA didn't deem it necessary to email the registered participants and advise them of the change!

So far, I've asked for a refund from BEA and a refund of my Mets baseball ticket, they were playing my Dodgers, via email.

I need to get some more info before I contact the airline about those reservations.

I just talked to Fiona of Isle Inn Tours about the Quilting Tour.  It's called Stonehenge 10, Anniversary Tour.  She let me know that the company won't make a decision until at least April 7th.  The decision will be to continue with the 2020 tour or roll the entire tour to 2021.  I assured her the I'll be happy either way.  She also advised me to wait to change my Delta airline reservations until April.

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