October 27, 2018

New York City for a long weekend

Yes, I did!  I went to NYC to see Eric Clapton in concert.  The concert was fabulous!  I went early last year and again this year.  One of my friends said, "But you went last year!"  I didn't understand her concern.

This year I had a great seat and wonderful seatmates.  On one side was a mother and daughter; the daughter had flown in from Bermuda for the concert. (Still not as far as California.)  On the other side was a couple; he was a pharmacist and she was a winemaker from North Carolina.

I'm not high-end; so I ate mostly at diners and street food stalls.

There's always something going on in the city, early on Saturday morning there was a Korean Day parade; then in the afternoon an informal "parade" of these trike/bikes showing support for Breast Cancer Awareness.

I spent a lot of time walking.  NYC is a walkers paradise.  Above the Empire State Building and below the Flatiron Building.  I never tire of these two great buildings.

 On Sunday I went on a half-day food tour of Brooklyn.  It was the best food tour I've ever been on and highly recommend the company, New York Fun Tours.
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