October 1, 2018

Baseball Tours

I'm a big baseball fan, especially the Dodgers.  I'm a SoCal gal, so that makes sense.  In September I went on two baseball tours.  My tour company is Jay Buckley Baseball Tours.  There are a lot of baseball tour companies, before traveling with them, I did my research and have been happy with every trip, 8 so far.  Along the way, I've made some great friends, and I see some of them on each tour.

These tours are a unique way to see America.  They are about baseball but also the cities we visit.  Here are some photos from Trips #24 and #26.

Trip 24 ~ Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Kansas City, St Louis, then back to Chicago.  It was like driving a very big rectangle.

When we were ready to leave St. Louis, we found out that MLB had changed the start time of the Cubs game in Chicago from afternoon to night time.  With the extra time, we made a stop in Springfield, IL, and visited Lincolns Tomb.  It was a wonderful surprise.

Trip 26 was the annual Ultimate Game Day Weekend, this time in Seattle.  This is my 4th Ultimate game day weekend and I'm sure it won't be my last.  This is a baseball and football weekend.

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