August 20, 2012

Today I'm Blogging about Replying.

are you a NO-REPLY blogger?

Last November I did a post, aimed at No Reply Bloggers; urging them to "fix" the problem.  I'm frustrated when I get a comment that I want to send an email reply, and the commenter has made it almost impossible.

Imagine my surprise when I got a comment, today, on a post that is 9 months old.  The gist of the comment was "It's not my fault".  Her argument was that it was Bloggers fault.  The post and comment are here, if you want to read it.

Are you a "no reply" blogger?!

A lot of No Reply Bloggers use the Blogger platform and choose to be a No Reply Blogger, or are a No Reply Blogger because they don't know how or don't bother to fix the problem.

Other No Reply Bloggers use other blogging platforms, Word Press, Tumblr and TypePad, are very popular.  When I started blogging I found it difficult to comment on those formats, (on Tumblr you really don't comment, you "like" or re-blog).  I decided to jump right in and create accounts on those other platforms.  That made it easy to comment and get responses to my comments.

My suggestion to users of Word Press and TypePad, is get a Blogger account.  You don't need to use it, you can even redirected anyone who lands on your profile to your active blog.  Jump right in and become a Easy To Reply Blogger.

It's a win, win solution and it's a free solution.


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  1. i don't know how my comments show up???

    I know I can't comment on some wordpress blogs now because they want a wordpress log in

  2. There are definite benefits of Wordpress and Typepad. Sad that the Google Account "defaults" new accounts to no-reply blogger status. Sadly, so many don't realize. Thank you for helping to increase awareness.


  3. You can tell I've been facebooking too much lately as I wanted to "like" this. :) I'll go over and check my account but thought it was set up to where people can reply. :)


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