November 5, 2011

Life as we know it!

There's a Root Beer Store in Old Town Temecula.  They have a gazillion kinds of Root Beer, and at our house we really like Root Beer.  Are you getting bored with Root Beer, yet?

When I was a kid, my great Dad even brewed Root Beer, in the garage.  It wasn't outstanding, but it was fun for homemade.  You may be wondering why is is sixpack of Root Beer on my dining room table?  Well, tomorrow is Oden's 12th birthday, and he LOVES Root Beer.  He was ready to move to Murrieta after he found out about the Root Beer Store!  That and Richie's Diner!  The root beer is part of Oden's B'day gift.

Last month Oden won a gold medal in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament, in Orange County.  

And, we have some teen books written in French on the dining room table, too.  Oden is taking French 1, at his local high school.  He walks about a mile to the HS, for first period French, then a bus takes him to Middle School.  Pretty amazing.  Another neat thing about his schooling this year, is he has an extra period, because of the varied start times of HS and MS, and he's a teacher's aid to one of the coaches.  He actually has 2 gym periods, each school day!  The French books are another part of Oden's B'day gifts.

Since Bob's health has nose-dived, Sharon and Oden have been driving the 130 mile round trip, regularly to spend the day with us.  The visits and regular phone calls from Carrie, in North Carolina, really help Bob's morale.  Sharon and Oden are coming today, and Oden can take his gifts home.

I posted in September about how excited I was to be getting two new quilt racks.  They've both arrived.  The great quilt ladder above was made by a great guy in Kansas.  On display, are my two most recent quilt finishes.  I love them and won't be listing them in the shop.  The other quilt rack is waiting completion, right here at my house.  As soon as we have Bob, up and running, he'll finish it.

Bob had another procedure at the Pain Management doctor about a week and a half ago.  It didn't work.  Now, he's scheduled for a different procedure on Tuesday.  We know that if this one works, he'll need at least one more, different, procedure in the near future.

He's also still very nauseated, we see the GP, next week, to see about a test for a diagnoses, so perhaps we can get him eating again.  Bob's a great guy, but he became really overweight, before all this started.  His solution to each weight gain was to purchase larger clothes.  No good.  With the nausea he's experiencing he's lost 32 pound.  He's has much more to go, believe me; but this rapid weight loss, about a pound a day, isn't good for anyone.  He's not only losing fat, I bet he's losing muscle.  He has a lot of both, but I'd like to stop the muscle loss.

Lizzie, is the small black object in the lower part of the quilt rack photo.  She's 15 years old, a Cairn Terrier we rescued 9 years ago.  She's having her 2nd bout with cancer, this year.  The first tumor was near her tail, it's was the size of a golf ball.  We had it removed and up popped the 2nd tumor.  It's at the very top of her chest, and a little bigger than a quarter.  The vet can't remove it because he'd be required to remove an additional inch, all the way around, and Lizzie's little chest is just too small.  We've been treating her with antibiotics and steroids, and the tumor has stopped bleeding and seems to be shrinking.  She has another 2 1/2 weeks of steroids, so I hope that will help.  Here's a photo of Bob and Oden, getting ready to walk Dudley and Lizzie, last summer.

So that's life here at the Prytz Family in Murrieta, this weekend.  Hope you're having a great weekend!
Be well and do good,


  1. Sounds like you have a full plate right about now! Hope Bob repsonds to treatment and can even out! It is not good to lose weight so fast! Its good your daughters are there for you n Bob in your time of need! Happy to Oden...he sounds like a very bright articulate young man!

  2. Oh Jan...Bless Bob's heart! Hope they can get that pain managed and Soon! And POOR Lizzie!
    I'll be sending prayer for you All!!


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