November 18, 2011

Tai Chi class rumble

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Yesterday was my last Tai Chi Class for the year.  We always take a Winter Hiatus, because attendance is very low during the holiday period.  Most years, not always, the class gives me a holiday gift, usually cash, and I sock away, as my "travel fund".  (Hello, NYC!)  This year it was a nice pile of cash, $354.00.  {Before I started teaching this class, 10 years ago, I was the "collector" for the former teacher.  I'd ask each class member to contribute at least $1.00 for each month they took the class}.  This year I have 25 active students, and I received a group card signed by everyone who contributed.  One student gave me a check for $25.00, one an envelope with $50.00, and one an envelope with $5.00!  The $5.00 student has never contributed to the "holiday pot", before.  I must be getting more valuable, after 4 years of teaching her!  Also I have 5 new or semi-regular students who didn't contribute at all.

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I volunteer to teach this class for free, that's what volunteer means.  I teach Yang 108 Movement Long Form Tai Chi and 3 forms of  Qi Gong, 2 days a week, 45 weeks of the year.  It's great to be appreciated; but I always scratch my head at the people who show up, take advantage and have no appreciation.  I'm not being mean about this, my class members live where I do, a gated senior community of stand alone houses, situated around a golf course.  These are very middle class retired people, not people living from paycheck to paycheck.  The non-contributors and the $5.00 person, still leave me scratching my head.

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BTW, I do treat everyone well, and equal, just the way I want to be treated myself.  (all images found here.)
Be well and do good,

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  1. Hi Jan, today I am feeling the urge to start practicing Tai Chi again. It is such a beautiful practice. I love the first picture. Where is this beautiful place? Thanks for the inspiration. Lovely. All the best, Marjory


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