November 18, 2011

This is our week.

The Bob Report.  

He has a very long road to recovery, but each day he's getting a little bit better.  I'm very thankful for that.  This is how this week went.  Four days equaled five specialist appointments, one in San Diego and nothing scheduled today, YEA.

On Monday I asked Bob if it'd be easier to have a hand-held shower head.  He said it sure would.  He'd been having trouble with the shower, he could either stand to shampoo, or sit to clean his body, not both, not enough energy.  I called our plumber Phil, and asked him to purchase and install a new hand-held shower head.  (We really trust Phil.)  On Wednesday, Phil came and installed the new shower head.

On Tuesday, after Tai Chi, I picked Bob up to go out for a quick bite.  He's eating vegetarian, now, and he had his first Garden Burger and he liked it!  We played cards that night and dominoes last night, with our regular groups.  Everyone was happy to see Bob.

Speaking of vegetarian, I made a great Pasta e Fagioli, this week, you can find the recipe here.

The Jan Report

I've been doing a bit of crafty sewing, making some gifts.  I'm chomping at the bit to start a new quilt, but haven't found the time.  I'm also no longer unemployed.  B&N "suggested" I go on leave, instead of resigning, so I'm on leave, until I can go back to work.  (I still get my employee discount, too!)

I've been really busy, helping Bob.  He really is a lot of work.  I'm his chauffeur, chief cook/bottle washer, laundress, etc., but my main job is keeping everything organized.  His new meds and the times to take them required me to make an excel spread sheet, just so we could both understand what to take, and when!

You may be wondering why I included laundress.  I haven't washed Bob's clothes in about 40 years.  He has much  more laundry than I do, and he always has.   Bob was an athlete, and worked out, (soaked his workout gear with sweat), at least once a day, seven days a week.  He would change clothes 2 or 3 times a day.  A long time ago, I informed him that his dirty clothes were his responsibility.  He could wash them whenever he desired clean clothing, and if he wanted to wash the whites with the dark clothing, he could wear pink T's, if he wanted.  Now, he doesn't have the energy to workout, of course, or do his laundry; so I'm happy to do it.  He has two bins for his dirty clothes, I've insisted that he use one for whites and one for darks, to help me out, for some reason he had never thought of that!

I don't adhere to the above schedule, I'm fast and organized.  This is more Bob's MO!  LOL.
Be well and do good,


  1. That was so nice of B&N. I am heading to the Redlands one today. I have a 40% coupon and some Xmas shopping to do!!

  2. Glad to hear Bob is getting better with each day! How lucky are u to just be on work leave...I know this made you sooooo happy!

  3. Glad to see that you can still find the humor in it all. Sounds like things are slowly but surely turning around. I had my first Garden buger in CA too.

  4. Just love you to pieces! You're a busy woman and that's how you get so much done. You're organized and keep busy! I'm not so organized but I do keep busy whether I want to or not! :)

  5. The underlining throughout you post is LOVE. It is so good to live with your best friend, huh? I'm glad you have the love between you both, these times are hard enough to get through without it.
    I liked reading of your Tai Chi classes. That has to be love to have such dedication without pay! I find in your class circumstances that the most generous of people are those who have little. They understand what it is to barely have enough, and want to give.
    Glad you could post, Jan, even as busy as your schedule has become ~
    Happy Thanksgiving :-}pokey


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