October 6, 2011

Leaping over tall buildings in a single bound...

May be fun, 
but down the road, you may suffer the consequences.

I tell people that Bob's bad back was caused by years of athleticism, plus almost 30 years on LAPD, and leaping over tall buildings in a single bound, that's what heroes do.  All those training runs for triathlons; all that running after bad guys, leaping over fences and fist fights were fun, in a guy kind of way, and Bob doesn't regret a moment, but now in our golden years, all that activity has caught up with him.

If you're on FB with me, you know he's been in added pain recently.  Early this morning he woke me up, and asked me to take him to the ER.  The pain was more than he could stand.  Bob's tough, but this pain is tougher.  At the ER, they were great, but nothing helped.  They've decided to admit him, to get some further help; the ER doc said that amount of pain made Bob a Fall Risk, and they needed to keep him and find something that would work.

I'm home briefly, to take care of some of the life/business things that were necessary.  I needed to call our daughters to keep them in the loop.  I always feel guilty about possibly upsetting them, but Bob's important to them, too, and I think them should always know what's going on with him.  Called work, to tell them to take me off the schedule for a week or two.  Bob had two Dr appts, tomorrow, had to cancel them.  Had to cancel my Tai Chi class today at 3:30, and the dominoes group was meeting at out house tonight.

Life is good, and Bob will get better.
Be well and do good,


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about this. It has to be emotionally difficult on everyone. Praying for a night of peace and harmony in his body.

  2. I first read on FB that he was in the ER/hospital. Thought and prayers for the entire family. I know from reading the blog that your family is important and you are a tight group. Praying for relief for Bob and peace and patience for you and the girls. Wish there was something more
    I could do.

  3. maybe those doctors will find the back of an 18 year old just hangin' around and give it to dad... you never know, it could happen :)

    if it does, i'm next in line!


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