October 9, 2011

Bluer than Blue

I'm rarely "blue", but this morning I'm feeling down a bit.  Bob's still in the hospital and so far nothing has eased his pain.  It's difficult to see him in so much pain.  His upbeat attitude helps a lot.  Another good thing is he's getting excellent care.  The hospital staff is efficient and caring.  Some times, they just stop in to chat, no vitals, no meds, just checking in on him..  I've been visiting every morning and afternoon, for a couple of hours each visit.  I'm off to my morning visit.  Keep Bob in your thoughts and prayers.

Be well and do good,


  1. Sue will Jan.


  2. Sorry for the blues, I'll remember you both!

  3. Been thinking about you two all weekend. This morning I had a migraine and thought to my self...in about an hour or so I'll feel better...poor Bob and then I told myself...Self..suck it up. Tomorrow hopefully will be the day you get all the answers and get this resolved and he can come home. Prayers and hugs


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