October 12, 2011

It's been a week

Here's Bob, in his temporary home, away from home.  Unfortunately, there's still no resolution regarding solving his pain problem.  On the bright side, he has a great view from his window.

When I'm at home, I have my boon companions Dudley, almost 13, and Lizzie, 15, to keep me company.  Boy, oh boy, do these two keep my grounded.  They're always asking, when's dinner? - is it time for a walk? - what about a treat?, surely, we need a treat!

I haven't been doing any quilting, but I did made these two toy giraffes.  I love their big ears.

I've been visiting Bob two hours in the morning and at least two hours in the afternoon/evening.  We're both baseball fans, so we've been watching the play-offs, when they're on.  Now, Bob's being given drugs to help with the pain, but I was taken aback, last night when he asked me if I'd seen any good movies, lately.  You know, like in my spare time when I'm not with him.  This guy cracks me up, I assured him that I hadn't seen any movies without him.

Yesterday, I taught my Tai Chi class.  I thought it was important to do "normal" things.  My new quilt rack arrived from Kansas, but it's still in the box.  I'll unpack it some time, today.  The box is much larger than I anticipated...scary.

Be well and do good,


  1. Poor Bob. Poor you! I feel bad for you both. Still sending lots of good thoughts you way!

  2. keeping you and Bob in my thoughts. Hope they can relieve his pain quickly!

  3. Love the photos!!
    Hope Bob feels better SOON!

  4. Glad to hear Bob still has his sense of humor! Hang in there!

  5. Hi Jan,
    I'm so sorry that you're husband has been so sick and in pain. I hope they come up with a solution very soon. Of course you're not quilting, you don't have time! Best of luck!

  6. i hope they find a resolution to bob's pain. in the meantime, i'm glad you have the dogs to help you out. something about their, "pay attention to me!" faces make me smile.

  7. I'm hoping how soon he comes home to you, Jan. It's is so hard to see our strong men suffer. It is amazing how we manage to pass our time together during hospital days, but I know you wouldn't have it any other way! Having been in that same boat last year, me, too ~prayers and hugs,


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