September 30, 2013

Baseball game

We haven't had much excitement around here, which is a good thing.  We did get to a baseball game last week.  We're Dodger fans and get to Dodger stadium about twice a season.  Dodger Stadium is over 61 years old and after years of neglect, is really showing it's age; it needs a lot of work, but the new owners are working on it.  Maybe, soon, we can stop joking about going to the ghetto.

We also get to Petco Park in San Diego about twice a year.  Man, we love Petco Park, whenever we go it's full of Dodger fans.  Really!  Here's some photos, from our last visit.

The view from our seats.
The Marine Band is always a welcome sight.

See, Dodger fans everywhere.

A couple of action shots.

When we got to our seats there was a note taped to my seat with my name on it.  It said they had a gift for me at the membership table.  I love free stuff, so I went right over.  When the guy saw Bob and I in our Dodger gear, he held up a Padre's ball cap and said he thought I probably didn't want it.  I assured him that I did, because we collect ball caps from the stadiums we visit.  When we got back to our seats I was doubly pleased the back of the ball cap said "Law Enforcement Appreciation Day".  Couldn't have been better.
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