September 4, 2013

Help Prevent Falls

I saved these exercises on my computer, and have been printing and passing them out.  These movements are based on dance moves, and I think everyone can do them, some with modification.  Some 80+ year olds had me demonstrate the moves last night.  I thought I'd share them here, too.

Four Exercises to Help Prevent Falls

The Cross-Crawl

March in place, lifting the knees high. At the same time, reach across and touch the lifted knee with the opposite hand or elbow; alternate and keep going. (Advance, close your eyes.)

Forward Toe-Touch Dancer

Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, simultaneously extend your left foot and your right arm forward. Keep your left toes pointed down, touching the floor. Hold pose for count of 10, then switch by extending your right foot and left arm. (Advance, maintain the toes a few inches off the floor.

Side-Step Walk

Walk sidestepping – bring your right foot across the left and step down three to five inches away from the left foot, ankles crossed. (The closer the feet, the harder it is to balance.) Alternated crossing the foot in front and then behind the other foot as you move along; repeat several times, then do the same with the opposite feet.

The Cat Jump

The activity is practice in case of a fall; the muscle memory of the movement will be etched in your body. Jump a little off the ground with both feet, and land softly, like a cat, without jarring your body. Repeat until you are confident in your ability to prevent a spill.  (Pretend to jump, sideways, over a twig, on the ground.)

So, how'd you do?
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