March 15, 2013

Great Day

I had a great day, today.  In the morning I drove Bob to San Diego, for a infusion appointment.  (These infusions really help him.  We go every 2 or 3 weeks.)  While Bob was infused, I went to the Zoo.  I love the  San Diego Zoo.  Photos, to follow, over the weekend, at Murrieta365.

When I picked him up, we went to our favorite deli, The Royal on First Street for lunch, no photos.  Darn, I wish I'd taken photos.  We usually stop for lunch there, when we're in the Bankers Hill-Hillcrest area.  While we were there, I talked to a woman who was working on some crochet squares.  They looked about 8 inches square.  She said she'd just finished 100 of the squares and was making a blanket for herself, for a change.

For dinner we went to an event called Empty Bowls.  Have you ever heard of Empty Bowls?  You must look it up, you knew I was bossy, didn't you?  Here's a list of upcoming events, all over the country, click here.

When you go to an Empty Bowls event, you pay your money ($10.00), and get a handmade bowl.  You use your bowl, for the soup they put in it.  There's also bread and bottled water.  There were eight kinds of soup, donated by eight different local restaurants.  The restaurants also donated the bread.  You eat communally with whoever sits at your table.  Bob and I didn't know anyone, but I've never met a stranger, so we did OK.

There was also live entertainment.  Our local event was at one of the local high schools, and the kids from the high school, did all the work.  They made the bowls in pottery class, and after class.  They did all the organizing.  They served the soup.  They entertained us.

It was a great time.  Plus, we have two brand new original bowls.  Here's photos of the bowls.

This is Bob's bowl, he chose Chicken Tortilla Soup.

This is my bowl, I had vegetarian baked potato soup,

Tonight was all about raising money to feed people in need.  Here's some of the little signs the kids made, they were on all the tables.

The place was packed.  I hope they made a lot of money.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,

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  1. I make chicken tortilla soup -- but it's not tomato based. Has chicken bouillon base


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