March 24, 2013

52 List :: Things That Make Me Feel Cozy

I'm a day late!  This is the last from last week's assignment.  Bob and I have been crazy busy the past week.  On Monday we gave the OK to a painting contractor to paint the living room, dining room, halls and the kitchen.  We spent Tuesday doing our "part", clearing the odds and ends that weren't too heavy to lift, and decorative items.  Then, Wednesday and Thursday the two painters were doing their thing.  Plus on Thursday we had a handyman come and reattach a portion of our rain-gutter that had come loose, and clean all the rain-gutters, all the way around the house.  This is all stuff that Bob and I used to do routinely, now we don't.

Valspar 8 oz Rushing Rapids Interior Satin Paint Sample  Valspar 8 oz March Ice Interior Satin Paint Sample

These are the colors we used.  Of course they look different on the walls!  The blue, called Rushing Rapids, is a tad darker, you can see it below the notebook, above, and the March Ice is a tad more tan.  Overall I'm pretty happy with the new colors.

The on Friday I went into OC, to chauffeur Sharon to an outpatient procedure.  I'm the official medical chauffeur of the Prytz family.  While I was gone, Bob put the house back together.  To my mild surprise, he did a great job.  I only had to tweak a couple of things.

All the painting was a precursor to two household projects.  In the kitchen, we've ordered new appliances.  They'll be delivered in two batches, the refrigerator and stove, in about 10 days and the dishwasher and microwave about a week later.  In the living room I was very tired of my window treatments, and instead of replacing them, I decided to go with shutters.  Bob installed our existing shutters, but that's not an option, now, so the windows will be measured on Wednesday, and installed when they're ready.  We're living with no window coverings in the living room, so I hope the shutters don't take too long.

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