November 17, 2015

November Check-in

My life has been busy, and full of routine; which I think is good.  I'm teaching Tai Chi twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday, I go out to dinner after class.  It's something that Bob and I always did after Tai Chi.  Since I volunteer to teach, it's my reward.  Usually one of the class members, who is also one of my neighbors, Agnes, joins me for dinner.

Another one of my routines is walking the dogs.  This is important for all three of us to get exercise.  In the morning, I usually put them in the car and we go to one of the nearby parks.  I have four parks that give us great exercise, two even have stairs, which are a real challenge with two dogs!

Since I blogged last, we were able to inter my Mom's ashes.  She passed away in September, in Oregon, and it took some time to work out all legal and logistic problems of burying her ashes in California. (Mom had already made all the arrangements to be interred next to her 2nd husband.)  My sister brought the ashes down and we had a small ceremony with my daughters.

I've lived in my house for 17 years and I've decided to get the exterior painted, and upgrade the garage door.  The painters come tomorrow and the new garage door is in place already.  The old garage door had been damaged twice in 17 years, so it made sense to replace it when I was upgrading the exterior.  I'll be happy to be rid of the white rain gutters and the stucco color will be a bit darker.  This is when I miss Bob the most.  I'm good with making decisions, but I loved bouncing ideas off of him and getting his feedback.

We're expecting El Nino this winter and I've had the roof inspected.  There were no problems.
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  1. Are you getting rid of your gutters? I just added some to my back with the impending el nino threat.


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