September 15, 2015

Not my favorite year

I had planned on entering a quilt or two in the Los Angeles Quilt Show this year.  I'm pretty sure  my simple quilts wouldn't have won any prizes, but I wanted to show support for the organizers.  This is only their second year.  When I told my daughter Sharon that I didn't do my entries, she asked why not?  I told her that this just hasn't been my favorite years.  She understood completely and said that it wasn't hers or Carrie's either.


My girls and I lost Bob in January and our lives changed.  There have been other changes as well.  My stepmother passed away in April.  She'd always keep her distance from us, so for me her passing wasn't a great impact, but it has meant a lot of legal and financial decisions.  My Dad passed away 13 years ago, but my sister and I couldn't settle his estate until she passed away.  That part is almost over.

Oden and Mom, Thanksgiving, 2008

Last week, my Mom passed away.  She was 93 years old.  Her body was strong but due to Alzheimers her mind/brain weren't so good.  At the end of her life, there wasn't much clarity.  Six years ago, when her Alzheimers progressed to the point she couldn't live alone my sister, with Mom's agreement, moved her to Oregon to be near her.  Mom lived in a care facility for six years.  Even with her age, her death was unexpected.  Because of different state laws her burial will be delayed until things can be straightened out.  She had agreed to be cremated, so the delays are easier to deal with.

I took last week off from my "day job" of quilting, this week I'm back at it.

I'm looking forward to 2016, big time, and it's only September!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,

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  1. Hi Jan, your blog popped up in my side bar and it had been so long since I stopped by, I wanted to come over and say hi. Can't tell you how sad I was to read of all the sadness you have been through over the past year. A big hug from me and my wish is for you to be at peace and have a much happier year ahead.


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