August 10, 2015

Silly, silly

One of my friends joined a team for Gishwhes 2015, it's a massive global scavenger hunt that is part silliness, part art, part kindness and 100% fun.  I helped her team with two items, the above video was one of the things, called Tai Chi Breakfast.

Here are some of the other things my friend did:
  • started a Random Acts group for my community
  • had a White Rabbit tea party for a special needs child, to build awareness of Rett Syndrome
  • donated art supplies to a first year teacher in Hemet
  • had a dance party cleanup for a classroom in Fallbrook
  • made 1100 encouraging notes for all the lockers at Gardner Middle School, with help from the wonderful ASB kids in putting them up
  • helped a two-year-old hand out roses to homeless people in San Diego
  • took a picture at a sanctuary for pigs retired from medical research to promote awareness
  • raised awareness of gay families through social media
  • raised awareness of being an organ donor
  • donated clothes, household goods and money to Goodwill and to Border Angels (refugee support group)
  • held a book drive, then handed out free books and bookmarks in a parking lot
  • promoted CPR classes at my place of work
  • transported an orphaned baby possum to a wildlife group
  • gave backpacks to a number of schools, thanks to donations from Jodi and Steve Prystash
  • raised awareness of bait dogs used in dog fighting
  • filmed two people doing Tai Chi while eating breakfast*sang a four part round to a tongue twister I wrote
  • organized and filmed people vacuuming lawns as June Cleaver, wearing cocktail dresses made of flowers and at the Mission Inn wearing evening wear and a kale hat
  • created a piece of art about Death's Funeral
  • took a picture of a robot handing out flowers
  • made a funny gardening tip for Michelle Obama

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,

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  1. she seems like a really fun, hilarious and all around good person!


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