October 8, 2014

No News Is Good News, it's a lie.

Most of my "news" is in the "not good" news category, but first I'll tell about the photo.  Our daughter Carrie has lived in NC for 10 years.  Her 100% California family moved to the Raleigh area and are very happy there.  The downside for Bob and I, is we seldom get to see her or her family.  Carrie, like Bob, is not a phone person, so most of our contact is via email!  Four weeks ago, someone knocked on our door, we live in a gated community, and were not expecting visitors, so we figured it was a neighbor.  Wrong, it was both of our daughters and our grandson.  What a delightful surprise.  Carrie had come to SoCal for a visit with her sister, and they thought they'd surprise us.  We had a fun visit and went to Chili's for lunch.

The girls came back a couple of days later to borrow one of our cars, so Carrie would have her own set of wheels while she was in Orange County; they took us to lunch, too.  At the end of her SoCal visit, Carrie came and stayed with us for four days, before returning to NC.  The top photo was taken during those four days.  Bob's T says You Can't Scare Me, I Have Two Daughters, ain't that the truth.  All these visits, were fantastic and a shot in the arm for Bob.  He loves his daughters and loves to see them in the flesh.

Right before Carrie stayed with us, we had an appointment with the Oncological Surgeon, at  the Loma Linda Cancer Center.  He's the one who ordered the biopsy.  He told us Bob's diagnosis, Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.  Here's a link I found with lots of info.  Bob's scheduled to have a porta-cath, installed, next week.  He'll have chemo, but we really don't know as much as we want.  The surgeon asked us to wait for our appointment with the medical oncologist, he'll refer us to, who will be incharge of Bob's care.  Right now, we're still waiting for the appointment.

Bob is loosing weight, because he just doesn't feel like eating; he's nauseated.  This as me as concerned as the cancer.  My immediate goal is to have him start eating, at least a little more.  He has weight to loose, but this really is not the way!

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  1. Hi Jan, I am very sorry to learn of Bob's health and wish him the very best. Your daughter's visits must have been a real tonic. You will both be very much in my thoughts these coming weeks.

  2. When is the appointment? This waiting is terrible for both of you. I'm sure you're doing all you can about the weight loss, but maybe your regular doctor could prescribe something to help with the nausea.


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