September 12, 2014

Bob Report

We went to the Loma Linda Cancer Center, yesterday. The surgeon told us that he could not operate to remove the mass, it's too entangled with too many things. He thinks it's likely Lymphoma not Sarcoma, but we have to wait for a biopsy to see what it is. He's pretty sure it's cancer but we won't know until the biopsy. If it's Lymphoma, it'll be treated with chemo, if it's Sarcoma, chemo and radiation. This is all a lot to take in, but we'll know more after the biopsy, which we also need to wait on!

Bob's a strong guy and still absorbing what's going on. Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming his way.

(Photo take last month at the Lux Art Center.)
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  1. Sending good thoughts your way Jan. Not an easy time for sure.


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