June 10, 2014

Reykjavik, Iceland

We flew IcelandAir from Copenhagen to NYC, with a planned layover in Reykjavik of 90 minutes.  The 90 minutes turned to 450 minutes, when our flight was cancelled.  Bob and I never have problems with situations like this, we make ourselves comfortable and read.

IcelandAir, was most generous, and provided chits for food, we only used half of them, and chits for transportation to the Blue Lagoon.  We had packed our jackets, so we passed on the side trip and enjoyed the beautiful airport.

on the floor

Our one disappointment with the entire trip was missing our tour of Sweden.  Bob is half Swedish, and he was really looking forward to it.  However, he woke up that morning with terrible pain in one of his feet, he could barely walk.  I stayed with him, and we missed Sweden.

 In the Reykjavik airport he found a Viking ship to pose with.  Can you tell he was happy?
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