June 23, 2014

Fun Monday, the projects.

Today's assignment:  Fun Monday topic for June 23rd - Everybody's got a project of some sort going, whether it's reading a book, knitting a scarf, painting a picture (or a room), or planting a garden. What's your latest project?  Better late than never!

When we returned home from our vacation, we immediately adopted/rescued two guys from our local shelter.  They have been a real project and have been keeping us very busy.

This is Ben, one year old, he's very small, 10 lbs, he's a terrier mix and looks like a tiny Cairn Terrier.  He had to stay in the shelter an extra day, to be neutered.



This is Frisco, seven years old, he's 32 lbs. and we think he's an American Cocker.  We were told he was already neutered, so we brought him home right away.  They made an error, we had him neutered last Friday.

They both are very good dogs and get along very well.  Neither guy was leashed trained, but both are now, after 3 weeks.  Frisco wasn't housebroken, so we've fixed that problem, too!

My other project is quilting.  Right before I left on vacation I picked up four quilts from my long-arm quilter.  When we returned home I finished them up, by adding the binding to each one.  You can read about that here, if you're interested.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. The new guys are so cute! Love the new quilts, they're so pretty!

  2. I'm so glad you've adopted older dogs. It always makes me sad to see them passed over for puppies. Sometimes there's some baggage to be dealt with in the older ones, but once they understand that circumstances have changed, they are just the best dogs ever!

    Your quilts are so beautiful... You have inspired me to give quilting a try this fall. Have you ever done one by hand?


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