October 9, 2012


Bob and I have been to three movies, lately.

End of Watch was action packed and authentic.  The action takes place in Newton Division LAPD.  Bob worked "Rootin' Shootin' Newton", twice in his LAPD career.  He loved the movie, and so did I.  Lots of action, never boring.

Taken 2 Poster

I wasn't very excited about seeing this.  I was totally wrong, it was really good.  As you'd expect, if you saw Taken, the action was non-stop.  Not highbrow, but extremely action packed and thrilling.

Looper Poster

Sci Fi is not my "thing", I seldom read it and I usually send Bob on his own to a sci fi movie. I'd read some good reviews, and I'm glad I went.  The time frame is 2044, and 30 years in the future.  Again, lots of action, and the time travel wasn't hard to understand.  I know that sounds lame, but I repeat, I don't do sci fi.

Lots of action in all these movies.  Small chance of being bored.  Go see them, if you have a chance.
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