October 10, 2012


Bob Prytz LB Poly Waterpolo

It's been a year since Bob was hospitalized, at the time I thought he might not come home.  He did, and he's doing great.  Bob will never return to his "old" self, but he's alive.  I get to endure his wry humor every day, and enjoy his enthusiasm for life.  He now has neuropathy in his legs and has lost a lot of the "feeling".  Half a mile is about his limit for walking.

Recently a neurologist told him to start using a walker.  Bob's attitude was "screw that, I'm going back to Tai Chi to improve my balance".  He's lucky, I'm the teacher, and I teach for free.

We both went to the same high school, Long Beach Poly.  Bob lettered on the Swim and the Water Polo Teams.  I found this Long Beach Poly Water Polo T-shirt for him.  He likes it so much he agreed to model it for the blog.

Bob Prytz LB Poly Waterpolo

My great husband.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. I'm glad for Bob's progress and attitude. there is nothing like the love between 2 best friends! I love my Larry, too ~

  2. So glad to hear Bob is doing better. I have a good friend who went to Poly about your age. I don't know her maiden name though. I'll find out; you may know each other.


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