April 1, 2012

Sunday Drive

When I was growing up, we regularly took Sunday Drives.  My Dad was a telephone man and knew SoCal, like the back of his hand.  Even though he drove a lot during the week, he would take us on a Sunday Drive, about once a month, if the weather was good; and it was usually good in SoCal.  One of my favorite memories is Dad being willing to drive the same stretch of road, over and over, because there was a dip, that when you crossed it, you got butterflies in your stomach.

When Bob and I married, we took many Sunday Drives, tooling all over SoCal in our '61 Corvette.  We usually took Buttons our dog with us.  There was never an agenda; we'd come to an intersection and decide to go right, left or straight ahead.  I'm sad to report that when our children got older we stop doing Sunday Drives.

Today, Bob and went on our first Sunday Drive, in a coons age.  We're always so busy, and I work on either Saturday or Sunday, most weeks.  Today, we had a destination, Indio, home of the Date Festival.  There was nothing going on this weekend, but I'd read about a new 55+ community in Indio, that offered some unique floor plans.  There were 10 models and 2 of them had "snoring" rooms.  A snoring room is built on the other side of the master bath, to give the non-snorer some rest.  For example, if I can no long stand Bob's snoring I could direct him to use the snoring room!

We're not interested in moving, but we thought we'd check this place out.  It's called Sun City Shadow Hills, in Indio.  We liked a lot about the models, and there were things we didn't like, too.  This was a huge development but there were no nearby, shops, grocery, pharmacy, gas station, bank, restaurants, no nothing.  You had to drive 5+ miles to do any business.

Here's a bunch of photos of the models:

The interior decorating was very nice.  I'd love to have those mirrors in the top photo.

A couple of bathroom shots.  Lots of storage and windows.  
How about the shower head coming down from the ceiling?

The did a bang-up job of outdoor decor, even a doghouse.

This was a cool feature; you could shove your dirty clothes thru this door, 
from the master closet to the laundry room.

We both loved the extra large floor tiles.

This was our favorite wall, in the models.

One of the reason's we'd never move to Indio, is it's the "real" desert.  Hot, more than 6 months of the year, real hot.

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  1. your dip in the road story reminds me of two that were in a flash flood area that was about 4 hours into the 5 hour drive to Grandmas.

    Dad would speed up and hit those two dips a flying and our tummies would go WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


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