December 28, 2011


Because of our ages and our inclination to get what we want, when we want it, we seldom receive gifts.  We're just hard to buy for.  We never expect anything, but are always delighted when we're "gifted".  This year we received a surprise gift from a blogger friend who I've never met IRL, Elissa of Punk Rock Parents fame.  She said her daughter The Phi, was certain we'd like soup.  She's right, we love soup.  Isn't this a great gift?

From Sharon and Oden we received some great USC themed clothing and Bob got a Dodger Stadium Seat Cushion.  You can tell where our loyalties are, sports-wise!

I also "spoiled" myself, I got these:

Fingerless Mittens,

Fingerless Mittens with Thumb, Hand-knit, Women's Medium, I Love the 80s

from knittyknittybangbang, I love that they don't match;

and this Mermaids Hat:

A Mermaids Hat. Hand Knit Colorful Art Yarn

I've also had my eye on this Fantastic Fox Hat for a long time 

Fantastic Fox Hat

I figured what the heck, I'll just get it from awberry.

Our weather this week has been great, but previously, it's been freezing here, and these have been great for when I walk the dogs.  Plus, I'm now walking over an hour three times a week while Bob's at Physical Therapy.

Speaking of Bob, he's really doing well.  He has chronic pain, but his other problem, neuropathy of the stomach is under control, thanks to a major dietary change, some prescription drugs and lots of herbal supplements.  He's working on strength and endurance at PT.  He really is weak from being so ill, and his endurance is pretty low.  He's making progress and hasn't had any set-backs, which I think is fabulous.
Be well and do good,

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