December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and a book give away

Every one and their brother and sister, are going to be wishing each other Merry Christmas this weekend.  I am, too.

Merry Christmas from Bob and I.

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Merry Christmas in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish

In the past, I've done a lot of book give aways, here on the blog.  Lately, I've been giving them to people close by that I knew would love that specific book, or even sending them off to special people.  Right now, I have a stack that I don't have anyone in particular in mind as a recipient, so I'm going to offer them to my blog readers.  

Here are the books, click on the image to see what it's about.
             Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close             Cardboard Gods             Drifting House         Shards              Night Watch            11/22/63

  • In a comment, tell me which book you're interested in receiving.  Please don't say I want all of them.  
  • Leave a comment for each book.
  • If more than one person is interested in that book, I'll use a Random Number Generator to choose the winner.
  • Give Away is open to US and International bloggers.  
  • You must have a blog to enter.
  • I'll leave the comments open until Friday the 30th, and announce the recipients on New Years Eve.
Be well and do good,


  1. are any of those books not scary?
    The Jonathan F. one looks like the best one.

  2. ps. I didn't get around to wish anyone a happy day for Christmas, hope your husband is feeling better.


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