October 20, 2011

Kindness report, update and busyness.

Bob came home from the hospital on Saturday.  We're both really happy to have him back where he belongs.  He had an excellent experience while in the hospital.  The staff was skilled, efficient and caring.  All the women were beautiful and the men were handsome, no lie.  {Bob was in the same hospital in 2007, when he had a TIA, the staff may have been skilled, but they were far from caring or efficient.  It was so bad, Bob checked himself out!  True story.}  Obviously there has been a positive revamp in the nursing personnel department.
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I have some wonderful friends, both IRL and in Blog-land.  Bob received some wonderful get well cards, and I'm really grateful for the love and humor that has brightened his day.  If you happen to have our address,  some time, a card & an extra stamp, please send more!

He's had phone calls from Carrie in NC, which have really brightened his day. Sharon and Oden spent the day here on Sunday, I even made Chicken and Dumplings; Oden's favorite.  I have truly wonderful daughters.

When asked how Bob is doing, I'm replying, "He's about Medium."   This is how I interpret medium:

Bob's pain is under control, for the most part.  Yesterday, I even "caught" him walking without his cane.

Bob and I are temporarily traveling as a pod, you know like old people who are always together?  So, "we" had an appt. with our GP on Tuesday, and she was able to give him an injection that is helping, temporarily with the back pain.   Bob has absolutely no appetite, not normal, and is nauseous much of the time, so she also addressed that.  She held off doing more tests, right now, because "he has enough going on."

In addition to the pain Bob has heart problems and diabetes; nothing is ever simple at the Prytz household!  Tomorrow, "we" see the cardiologist.  While in the hospital, Bob had a couple of "cardiac episodes"; so that has to be investigated.  On Monday "we" see the pain management specialist; he visited Bob three times in the hospital, and thinks he's found how to solve this problem.  Keep your fingers crossed, and keep sending prayers and good thoughts Bob's way.

In my spare time, I finished a quilt top and back.  I hope to get some photos taken today and a post on Janice Elaine Sews.  Check over there; if you're interested, in a couple of hours.
Be well and do good,


  1. I'm so glad to hear that Bob is home and feeling at least "medium". Better than "yucky".

  2. Hopefully your team of doctors really does have a handle on how to treat Bob and things will improve dramatically soon! Take care of you too though - Bob needs you!

  3. Glad Bob is home n doing Medium for now!!! Better days are ahead...I hope! Sounds like a lot is going on health wise. Like Jer says...growing old is not for the meek n mild. Jer has had soooo many health issues the past 12 yrs we could write a book. I like how you said "we are a pod" I had to laugh at that...just today I had to take Jer for a scope and yes...we were a Pod! Hang in n keep the faith!


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