October 15, 2011


I have a long list of things I love.  Bob, my kids, my grandkids, dogs, books, reading, creating, and music are probably right up at the top of this list.  Right now, I'm listening to Social Distortion, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, but I'm not subjecting anyone else, except Bob, to the rock and roll I love.

Hard Times and Nursery RhymesSocial Distortion: CD Cover

Carrie just posted Day 15 of her 31 Days of Blog Design Tips & Tricks series, and had this to say, and I couldn't agree more.

Music  - wonderful or evil?

My personal vote is that having music on your blog is evil. Because seriously, how on Earth are you suppose to enjoy reading and perusing someone’s content on the down low when out of the blue (because you know it takes a bit for the evil music to queue up) you’re assaulted with the writer’s favorite tunes?

Do you have music that plays on your blog, do you realize it's probably clashing with my music or mood, or jarring me enough to close the browser, and not continue reading?

An alternative would be to embed a favorite music video in your post and say something about it.  Then your readers can choose to listen to it or not.

Be well and do good,


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