June 2, 2011


  • I've got Banana Nut Bread in the oven, a new recipe!
  • Yesterday we were walking thru Costco, and Bob asked me to slow-down.  I did and I said, Pay-back's a bitch, isn't it?  He wanted to know what I meant.  I've spent years with Bob rushing off at a trot or running up stairs, ever the jock, while I kept my same steady (slow to him), pace.  He was always impatient with me.  Now, he's in pain and very slow, and I try to never be impatient.  But I wanted him to know that I thought he was getting a good dose of karma.
  • I had a fabulous trip to NYC.  Book Expo America was fabulous, lots of big name authors were MIA, but there were plenty of debut and up and coming authors ready to shine.  
  • I shipped home 100 lbs.of books.
  • I'm just starting to feel "normal".  Lugging books and being a tourist is mucho hard work!
  • This is the first time I've been in NYC that it was hot, humid and raining.  Not good for a SoCal gal.  I normally don't perspire, it's a genetic thing, but by the time I got back to my hotel, each day, my face and body were coarse with salt; just gritty.
  • I didn't revisit anywhere I'd been before, but there's still tons of places I want to visit in Manhattan.  I guess I'll have to go back!
  • I took tons of photos, surprise, surprise.  Many will be posted on Murrieta365 for various memes.  Skywatch, Weekend Reflections and SOOC Sunday are really going to be neat, if I do say so myself.
Speaking of photos and memes, here I am with Spiderman, at the BEA.  This is my 50th Shoot Me entry.

 Kelly AKA the Church Lady, host "Shoot Me".  Go visit her to see who else played, today.
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  1. Sorry you had to deal with the 3 h's..hazy..hot n humid, while in NYC...it can really zap your energy. Love the spiderman pic...looks like you had a blast!

  2. Looks like you had a great time. At least it wasn't cold and windy. lol


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