June 2, 2011

First part of my trip

Flying across country is always very interesting.  On this particular flight adults were in the minority, very unusual.  There was an organized school trip on board; there were 60 fifth graders, 5 teachers or administrators and 34 of their parents.  The ride was very rough for part of the trip and the two delightful girls sitting next to me, asked if the plane acting like a roller coaster was normal, and if we were safe.  I assured them we were all safe and this was as rough as they'd probably ever experience.  I got into JFK late and to my hotel later, so I crashed.

The next morning I hit my favorite diner, the Skylight Diner, at W. 34th and 8th Ave, for breakfast.  I loved my hotel, the Wyndham Garden Hotel on W. 36th, really loved it, but their breakfast was $17.00, good if you need to eat without leaving the hotel, but too rich for my pocketbook.  I ate at the Skylight Diner for 7 breakfast, $5.39 plus $2.00 tip, each day.  Great food, fantastic surroundings and great price.  By Thursday the server was asking if I wanted my "usual".

After breakfast I went to Penn Station to get my MetroCard for the week.  I loaded it with $20. and used it all, riding the buses all over town.  I went to City Quilter, a not to be missed stop for any quilter, and the Harley shop.  I wanted a new NYC Harley T, but didn't like what they were offering, so I came home without a new one.

In the afternoon, I went to the first "event", the BEA Editors Buzz, for adult books.  They were still getting everything ready.  While waiting for BEA Editors Buzz I spotted Margaret Atwood.  I'm a book nerd, it was thrilling.

These are the books the editors presented.  They were so very passionate about their books.  I've already read "We The Animals", it was great.  I'm waiting for my shipment to arrive to read some of the others.  I'm really excited about The Night Circus and The Art of Fielding.

THE ART OF FIELDING by Chad Harbach, Little, Brown and Company – Michael Pietsch, VP & Publisher
THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern, Doubleday – Alison Callahan, Executive Editor
THE UNDERSIDE OF JOY by Sere Prince Halverson, Dutton – Denise Roy, Sr. Editor
RUNNING THE RIFT by Naomi Benaron, Algonquin – Kathy Pories, Sr. Editor
BIRDS OF PARADISE by Diana Abu-Jaber, W.W. Norton - Alane Salierno Mason, VP & Sr. Editor
WE THE ANIMALS by Justin Torres, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – Jenna Johnson, Sr. Editor

I went to dinner at Mario's Trattoria, on 8th Ave.  It's become a fave of Bob's and I, very small, about 30 seats, always packed, very willing to seat a party of one.  Both the food and the service are great.

That pretty much sums up days 1 and 2 of my trip.
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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip Jan. I too usually look for a breakfast away from the hotels.

  2. So many places to eat in NYC...I will have to keep your places in mind for my next visit.


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