February 9, 2011

nothing special this week.

Bob and I've been low key this week.  I've finished sewing the top and back of the custom quilt I did for Terri, in OK.  Just waiting for the long arm quilter to do her magic.  I've started a new quilt, when I have down time that's what I do.
Bob and I are going to the movies, today to see True Grit.  We've already seen The Kings Speech, we both loved it; and The Fighter, we both thought it was fantastic.  Bob's actually feeling better, he'd been walking with a cane, his pain was excruciating.  He saw a pain management Dr. and the first treatment did wonders.  Bob says it's been at least two years since he felt this good.  On Valentines Day, he's having another treatment.  His goal is to get back on the bike, he has 3, and get back in shape.

If you're not bored, yet, here's a happy dancing video.

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