December 2, 2010

Shoot me 29 and 30 of 52

I'm showing off my new favorite t-shirt.  I love the creative design.  I got it from Threadless.  I have to issue a word of warning, I'm not skinny, I wear a size 12, but this T is a "girly 2X".  Seriously, their stuff runs small.

I didn't participate last week, so I'm throwing in my photo that sits on Bob's dresser, among his other favorite things.  This was taken many moons ago, when "glamor shots" were "in".

Shoot Me is hosted by Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans, be sure to stop by and see who else played

Forever In Blue Jeans

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  1. Very cute photo and T. I agree with you that it runs small. No way is that a 2X.

    Are you going to Fat Quarters Anonymous tomorrow?


  2. Like your tee...and glamour shot...I remember those days...I have one somewhere around here.

  3. Your t-shirt looks adorable on you! I love your glamour shot. I had one taken many years ago.

  4. That's a neat shirt! I'd almost forgotten about glamor shots! I have one of those floating around somewhere. :)

    I noticed your quilts on the sidebar - you have an amazing talent!! Those are gorgeous! I wish I had even half of your talent...I'm happy if I sew a straight line. :)


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