December 8, 2010

Shoot me 31 of 52

You can probably tell, I'm pretty casual.  I'm also a feminist, so when I got this Mrs. Bob t-shirt, Mr. Bob, got a great kick out of it.  This was taken a couple of days a go in our backyard.  I'm happy to report no snow and the roses are still going strong.

Shoot Me is hosted by Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans, be sure to stop by and see who else played

Forever In Blue Jeans

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  1. LOL, Love it....You have a great sense of humor Jan. BTW...since shoot me is coming to an end, Carin is no longer going to host this meme after Dec. The church Lady said she will step up and be the host. So stayed tuned!

  2. I LOVE the shirt, too! Maybe I can find a "Mrs. Larry"...and your roses are beautiful.


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