November 4, 2010

It's hot here

Autumn has arrived, but it's hot here, record breaking hot.  Yesterday, Bob and I headed to Ocean Beach in San Diego, to give our new cameras a workout.  It was only about 10 degrees cooler there, because it's hot all over SoCal.

We had a great time.  Half way down the pier is a cafe; we gave it a try, and it was wonderful.  One of the televison shows we watch is Terriers, it's on on Wednesday night.  While we were watching last night, Bob said, "There's our pier."  (Built in 1966, Ocean Beach Pier is the longest concrete structure of its kind on the West Coast, extending 1,971 feet with a T-shape platform at the end.)


  1. Its cold here, rainy and in the 40's nasty day! Looks like lots of cool pics with that new camera.

  2. Our weather stinks...prediction of snow tonight. Love the collage. And the peir is beautiful. Nice job with the new camera.


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