November 5, 2010

Friday Night is Cruise Night.

Whenever we happen to be in Old Town on Friday night, we have a wonderful time viewing many wonderfully restored cars; as well as come works in progress.

Isn't this a great beauty?
Next, a work in progress, there's a coffin in there.

Fabulous reflections, abound.

When I was a teen, I tried to talk my Dad into getting me a '57 Chevy.
He said he wouldn't because he was afraid I'd be racing all over town.
He was right.
He bought me a '49 Chevy, instead, I still raced all over town.

Here's another great '57 Chevy.  How's this for a paint job!

How low can you go.  I think this one must have hydraulics, but I didn't talk to the owner.

Hope you enjoyed the "Car Show".  Bob and I have many great memories involving old cars like these.

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  1. So am I dating myself with that term!!! Great shots of some really cool cars, they dont make them like they did way back then. Love the reflections too!


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