November 2, 2010

Communication Skills

My friend Doris at Threads of Conversation, got engaged on Halloween, and wanted to know if her readers had a great Halloween story or engagement story.

Here's my engagement story:

Today is the anniversary of my engagement.  47 years ago today, November 2, 1963, Bob said, Will you marry me.  It was our 5th date, (in those days, dating was the norm, and you dated different people, until you went steady or became engaged), and I was really taken by surprise.

I said, Yes, but later, thinking he was pretty speedy and perhaps wanted to get married right away.  He thought I'd turned him down, so much for being a good listener.  He went home and slammed doors, is sister informed me.

When he called me the next day, I said, I told my parents.  

Bob said, What'd you tell them?

I said, That you asked me to marry you.

Bob said, What did you tell them your answer was?

I said, YES.  That's when I found out he didn't realize I'd said Yes.

I'd love to say that our communication skills are vastly improved, but I can't.  Those skills are still a work in progress; but Today is my 47th Engagement Anniversary, and I'm a happy camper.


  1. thats a cute story. You two love birds are still going strong!

  2. Very typical male behavior! Congratulations on your engagement anniversary!

  3. too funny. and true about communication with men


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