October 26, 2010


I've been wanting a new camera; I should say an additional camera.  I've been having a hard time making a decision about which one to get.  For me, a new camera is a luxury, not a necessity, so I've been pondering which to choose.  Over the weekend my friend Kim of It's a Southern Thing posted this photo on the SOOC Sunday meme that I host on Murrieta365.com:

I commented on her great Straight Out Of the Camera, (hard to believe, isn't it?) photo and asked for camera information.  Kim put me on track to my new camera,

COOLPIX P100 26212
I ordered it from Costco, they seem to have the best price.  Right before I completed my order, Bob said, "Do I get your old camera?"  The answer was "NO, I still need my old camera".  Seems he wants to join the digital age, so I added a Canon point and shoot to the order.  It'll be interesting to see what he does with it.

Now, I'm waiting, waiting, waiting.


  1. Wow I think your going to love it! Cant wait to see some photos.

  2. Like, Bob, I'd love your old camera. But I'm also interested in your new camera. Any special flash recommendations for this camera?


  3. Nice! Well it does fabulous and I'd love to see what Bob ends up shooting too. :0)


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