October 25, 2010

Rain again, this morning.

This morning I work up to a wet yard, always a welcome sight in our arid area.  I went outside in my jammies, robe and slippers to see what I could shoot.  Love to get raindrops with my camera.  I was by the hollyhocks when I spotted this guy, all wet from the rain.

When I went back outside a couple of hours later, he was still there, but almost dry.   I guess he liked the lime-light.


  1. Jan, these are excellent photos. What fun. I really hope you'll enter these photos in a show (e.g. SD County Fair, or some photo competition). Excellent!


  2. It's rainy here, too! I like the grasshopper picture - great detail!

  3. Couple of things...please send us your rain...we have had 8 inches this year...normal is 39.5...so we are beyond dry. Love!!!!! the grasshopper!!!!!! How did you get your pics so big? I love that too. I'm jsut full of love this morning.

  4. haha.... very cute and very good picture.


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