October 25, 2010

Saying Thank You

Hyperion: 365 Thank Yous by John Kralik

When I saw this ad in my daily Shelf-awareness email, my answer was yes, I say thank you, all the time.

Twice a week, I teach Tai Chi and QiGung, it's my real pleasure to donate my time to my great class of seniors.  After all, I'm a senior and I know how much good Tai Chi and QiGung  has done for me.  As class ends, during our closing circle, I clap and say Thank You, Everyone.  I usually get thanked in return, a double bonus.

I also try to say thank you after I've helped someone at the bookstore.  Often, more than one customer is vying for my time; after I've helped someone, I generally thank them for their patience.

Bob and I are members of a card-playing group and a domino-playing group.  These groups rotate playing in each others homes.  Because of our busy lives, it's a added chore to "prep" the house for these games.  I'm always thankful when someone else has the group at their home, and they get a big thank you, too.

Even though we've been married a long time, over 46 years, I try to say thank you to Bob at least once a day.  I do most of the driving, when we run around town, so I always thank him when he drives us somewhere.  Because of my migraine tendency, we've switched to drinking diet soda sweetened with Splenda®; and it's hard to find in our area.  This weekend Bob scored some Pepsi One®, my "drug" of choice, and he got huge "You're The Man", as well as a Thank You.

How about you?  Is "Thank You", one of your daily habits?

P.S.  If you want to send some one an e-thank-you, today, click http://www.hyperionbooks.com/365-thank-yous/

disclaimer - I'm not promoting this book, nor have I read it, or received an ARC.  This post is just for fun.


  1. I love sending cards. Any kind! I do say thank you but probably not as much as I sould. Thanks for reminding me. And thank you for all that you do in your real life and on all your blogs.

  2. Yep...Thank you is part of my everyday routine. It is a simple but polite thing to do. More people should do it. My hubs n I thank each other for the small things in our daily life and at night we say out prayers together, we thank God for each other. Thank you Jan, for asking!


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