October 30, 2010

Looking forward

Election Day

The Political ads have me aghast,
Will Tuesday finally be the last?
The air has been filled with bricks and with dirt,
With insults and slurs intended to hurt.
How nice it will be to once again see,
Dull repetitions for endless prescriptions.

Jim Foley

I am SO looking forward to next week.  This year's election hoopla has really gotten to me; I don't remember such negativity, ever.  As Jim says in his poem, I'm ready to get back to DULL.


  1. I hear you on that one Jan. Soooo tired of the mud slinging. Who the H--- do you believe!!! So confusing. Makes it hard to choose. They should do away with the party lines...they make it all about the next vote and not how they want to help our country. Oh well, should be interesting...only in America!!!! BTW..this is this weeks Fun Monday topic...you should play!

  2. Thanks for your visit, Jan.
    I'll be glad when the election is over too, even though it's south of our border. Here on the island we're below the 49th parallel and we get all the election ads for WA. I pray for your country and ours!

  3. even the election between Thomas Jefferson and JOhn Adams was full of horrible stuff.
    fortunately they didn't have radio and internet to send it around the world


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