October 29, 2010

New Camera

The new camera has arrived, she's been charged, the software installed, and a few photos snapped.  I'm starting a new learning curve, but I'm very pleased with the photos I took this morning in my back yard.  These are all Straight Out of The Camera (SOOC), no editing, except I cropped.

First I looked up:

Then I looked down:

It's a good day, already.  Those aren't rain drops, but water from our irrigation system.  We live in a Chaparrel area of Southern California, not desert, not mountains, not sea shore, but in between (Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub eco-region.), and if there's no rain, we irrigate.

Sign me happy,


  1. Awesome! New cameras are so much fun! Looks like you and it make a great team!!

  2. Have FUN!!! Can't wait to see the short!

  3. Nice pics! What kind of camera is it?

  4. Wow great shots...so crisp n clear! congrats on your new play thing!

  5. Congratulations...and what fun!

    That sky is amazing.


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