August 26, 2010

Shoot me 16 of 52

"Can Be Bribed, with Books", that's me in a nutshell.
I stole the idea from Lisa.
I made this T at VistaPrint.

Summer finally arrived, here in So. Cal. so I asked my hair cutter, Emily to make my regular haircut, extra short. She's the best; my hair is baby fine, so she doesn't have much to work with.

Shoot Me! is hosted by Carin, of Forever in Blue Jeans. Thank you Carin for hosting.


  1. i love my hair short too. i just got a new haircut last weekend.

    love your smile! happy summer!

    Btw, here is my Thursday Shoot.

  2. Cute shot Jan...I also have super straight n fine hair. I have kept it short for several years now. Most of the time I get perms, just to have some body. Love your shirt, your should market them.

  3. Great post. Love your tshirt. Hymm. I may have to get one that says "Can be bribed with fabric".
    Very cute.


  4. Love the shirt and your hair looks great.

  5. WE used Vista Print before. Your t-shirt turned out cute and I love the short cut. Looks easy to take care of.

  6. You are just so sassy these days! Love it all...the entire package! And sassy in my book is a good thing.

  7. Love your t-shirt idea!! You look great modeling it, too!

  8. Hi Jan, it's nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you come back again!

  9. Great Shot!


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