August 24, 2010


When I started quilting in June '09, I discovered that I loved everything about making a quilt except the actual quilting. I love the designing, the gathering fabrics, constructing the quilt top and back. I have a small sewing machine, and attempting to actually quilt with is was a nightmare. I gave up and went on the search for a long arm quilter. The first one I tried did a great job, but both Bob and I felt she was very rude. Can't put up with rude. The second gal I tried just plain didn't do a good job, she was crossed of my list, too. Then I found long arm quilter #3, and she's great. #3 is very creative, and looks at her contribution to my quilts as an artistic one. We're a good fit. #3 has done all of my quilts for the past 12 months. I've contributed to her income and she's contributed to my peace of mind.

Here's why I'm writing about this. If you know me, you know that I'm very principled about people's rights. I've marched in the rain for women's rights. I've boycotted businesses, some times for life, that financially support the "other side"; anti-women, anti-gay, anti-the things that are important to me. While I was talking to #3, yesterday, she, unsolicited, told me her feelings about Muslims. #3's views are very anti-Muslim, period, no bending or waffling involved. Now, I'm not especially pro-Muslim; I'm more pro-people. How people worship is a personal choice; I don't agree with how some people choose to worship; but I defend they're right to choose.

Right now, #3 and I are at a cross-roads. I'm leaning toward no longer contributing to her income, even though I'm extremely happy with her work. I'm just not looking forward to the task of finding a new long arm quilter. What to do, what to do.


  1. Jan if your happy with her work, why not keep her..everyone is entitled to their opion. Maybe just keep her strickley as a business associate and not a personal friend. Hate to see you spite yourself, just keep her at arms lenght.

  2. I am a born again Christian but am fed up with anti-muslim stuff....but I do agree with Jan n Jer very much.

  3. Jan,
    I have found that quilters can be friends with very strong opinions.I just don't even begin a political discussion with some of my close quilting friends because we have very different viewpoints. I sense that you don't want to financially support this quilter. I'd begin searching for someone else to do business with. I tend to use several long-arm quilters. Best of luck in reaching a decision.

  4. Well, since you've lived with Dad for a billionity years and have known he's one of "those" republicans and not gotten rid of him... you might as well keep your relationship with your quilter. It will most definitely help to have a friend like you!

  5. It's beautiful! Hey, she has her rights like anyone else. She has her own reasons for feeling that way, and even if it isn't your feelings, she still has every right. Right? :D It seems to me that even if you don't agree with her, you can let her feel the way she does, and STILL enjoy her work. Just don't have anymore deep conversations with her. You are pro people after all, and she is a person too.

  6. Jan,

    You have excellent instincts, so I recommend you go with your gut.

    But I must confess I too get squeamish when people try to classify all people, in a category, as bad or good, as a result of not what the person did, but that which others did.



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