August 30, 2010

Monday Book Give Away, #49

Today's offering, is unusual for my Monday Book Give-Away. I bought this book and matching toys more than twelve years ago. We were in the middle of packing and moving to Murrieta, our retirement home. The book and toys were packed, in the original packaging, and moved to Murrieta. Once here, they were placed in the office closet, and forgotten about, until this summer when I re-did the office to make room for a sewing niche and cleaned the closet to make room for quilt and fabric storage. Today, I'm please to offer you a chance to win Toot & Puddle by Holly Hobby and the matching mini character toys.

Meet Toot and Puddle--two small, endearing pigs who are friends and as different as different can be. While Toot likes to travel to places unknown, Puddle prefers to stay home and revel in the joys of everyday life. Whimsical postcards capture the excitement of Toot's travels, while scenes of Puddle celebrate mundane moments spent in familiar confines. Full color.

If you're interested leave a comment on this post.  Please be sure I can contact you, in case you're the winner.  The winner of last weeks' offering, One Day, is Marianne.

P.S.  The string quilt, in the background is one of the first quilts I made. No, it's not included!


  1. Oh my grandkids would love that! You've had them so long, surprised your grandkids hadn't got their hands on them, lol.

  2. First let me say that I love the quilt and I knew it was not included...DARN. Next, my grand kids would love this also. They are coming in less than a month for our big wedding and it would be a great Wammy gift for the plane ride home.

    Thanks for the chance to participate. You are the best.

  3. You know we would love this one at our house!!

  4. Books are all in French here, it's hard to get English books. Fortunately we have a book shop here in Waterloo.
    I have a new meme for Mondays "What did you do this weekend" and wonder if you would like to join in ?

  5. Love Puddle and Toot. This is a neat giveaway:)

  6. Oh how sweet is that. As a librarian and a homeschooler I have to say I LOVE all books.

  7. Jan, thank you for your visit. I did link to Mary for RUBY TUESDAY..I put the wrong address, tho. Thank you for catching is corrected. Since this was my FIRST mistake ever, I'll forgive myself! :)

  8. I've won before Jan, but just wanted to say this is a marvelous book and any child would love winning it. How generous of you to give it up.

  9. What a great title! At first it sounds like a title for potty training. This is where my mind is at the momemt as I am currently potty training my son, so hey, if it works....why not? It would be a great "try as you might" potty reward.Thank you for the giveaway. I love hearing about new books each week.
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com


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