July 19, 2010

Monday Book Give Away, #43

In this riveting debut of breathtaking scope, a young girl discovers her father's darkest secret and embarks on a harrowing journey across Europe to complete the quest he never could -- to find history's most legendary fiend -- Dracula.

The perfect marriage of mystery, history, and Gothic horror; for centuries, the story of Dracula has captured the imagination of readers and storytellers alike. Kostova's breathtaking first novel, ten years in the writing, is an accomplished retelling of this ancient tale. "The story that follows is one I never intended to commit to paper…. As an historian, I have learned that, in fact, not everyone who reaches back into history can survive it." With these words, a nameless narrator unfolds a story that began 30 years earlier.

This is an ARC, that I received when I met the author, in May of '05. It's signed by the author.

If you're interested, leave a comment telling me about the last book you read.


  1. Ooooh! Sounds intriguing! The last book I read was Thia Die by Monica Ferris. I finished it last week!

    Sandy A

  2. Oh, I read The Last Olympian from the Percy Jackson series. Bryson was begging me to read the whole series with him! Loved it!


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