May 31, 2010

Monday Book Give Away, #39

Rules of Vengeance by Christopher Reich, starts out strong and ends even stronger. This is a thrill ride that buckles the reader in and refuses to let go until the final page. That is always what I look for in a great book; and what I always get from, Christopher Reich. This is a mass market edition.

Months after foiling an international terrorist attack, Doctors Without Borders physician Jonathan Ransom is working under an assumed name in a remote corner of Africa. His wife, Emma, desperate to escape the wrath of Division, the secret American intelligence agency she betrayed, has been in hiding. Both look forward to sharing a stolen weekend in London—until a terrorist attack ruins their romantic rendezvous. In the aftermath, Emma disappears and Jonathan is apprehended by the police and threatened, unless he helps secure his wife’s capture. He embarks on a breathless chase across Europe, searching for Emma, and keeping Division at bay . . . until he realizes that all along he’s been a pawn in a high-stakes game of international intrigue far beyond his imagining.

Let me know if you'd like to win this book. I'll do my drawing next Sunday and let the winner know.


  1. This is definately one that Mark sould sink his teeth into. A good summer read for him. Count us in, please!

  2. Never read any by Christopher Reich, I'd love to start! Glad you made it home safe and sound...I may have a few cop wife questions for you.

  3. Oh this sounds good. Consider me in. I LOVE your book giveaways!

  4. Please include me, this sounds great!


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